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Handyman Services For Every Need

Whether you need help with landscaping, light construction projects, hauling, or you just need a general handyman, Davis Multi-Service Contracting meets the needs of our clients within southeastern Oklahoma and beyond.


Other Services

We offer a multitude of services. Click the options below to view our competitive rates. 

General Landscaping

Rates – $130/hr.


Rates – $60/hr.
Weekend Rates – $80/hr.

Gravel Work

Rates – $275 for 2 tons and labor; $100/ton after initial load.

Light Construction

Decks, railings, swings, firepits, bunk beds, etc. Service Calls – $50 plus cost.

Cabin Prep / Post-Construction Cleanup

Rates – $0.45/sq.ft. (interior construction cleanup); $50/hr. plus $150 per trailer load (exterior construction cleanup and light property cleaning)


Long Distance (100+ mile) Moving Services

Need help moving or hauling items long distance? We are here to help! Mileage begins from zip code 74745. 

  • 24′ Uhaul – $1.50/mi
  • Truck and 16′ utility trailer – $1.25/mi
  • Truck and 6’x6’x12′ trailer – $1.20/mi

Labor covers loading and unloading

  • 2 bed – $350 (w/loft – $400)
  • 3 bed – $425 (w/2nd floor stairs $475)
  • 4 bed and up – $500+
  • 2-man crew – $70/hr.
  • 3-man crew – $90/hr.

Need help moving or hauling items within our local community? We are here to help! Mileage begins from zip code 74745. 


Hourly Rate – $125/hr. includes mileage and labor.

Contact us

The fastest way to reach us is by dialing the number listed below. Alternatively, you can send us an email with any questions you may have.